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As an actor in sports and electronics devices, we are directly concerned by sustainability. For long time, we try to do our best to reduce our waste and our power consumption. 

1) we work close with brand program for a better use of mother nature ressources. For example, Dakine produce more and more models with tissu made from recycled plastic bottles. In their mission of ocean protection they develop a specific pad for surf made in ECOFOAM.

2) Internally we encourage our employee to be involve in waste reduction and decrease power consumption. We clearly made an effort all together to reduce our local footprint. We recycle the most we can as PET, carton paper, paper and plastics.  

3) We installed numerous Solar Panel on the roof top and we produce a significant part of the power we consume daily. 

We clearly love our planet and making business without conscience of sustainability as no sens for us. We do our best and we hope you will do it too.

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